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  • When is the peak moving season in Japan?

    It is during February - March, as the Japanese financial year & school year starts from April and ends in March, meaning more people look for a place to move in before April.

  • Is the average rent price raised during the peak moving season?

    Rent prices tend to be set slightly higher. Also, many owners charge additional “Key Money” (usually 2 months max) taking advantage of the fast moving and competitive rental market during the peak season.

  • Are buildings really resistant to earthquakes?

    All buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes. The old earthquake resistance standard was introduced in 1950, and it was revised and updated to the new standard in 1981 (for wooden houses in 2000) after which all buildings are built to not collapse even from large earthquakes with the earthquake scale of upper 6 or higher.

  • How long does it take to find and move into a new place?

    It heavily depends on the situation but it usually takes about 1-2 months in case of a personal lease contract, and 2 – 3 months in case of a corporate lease contract.

  • Is it difficult to rent properties without speaking Japanese?

    We will support you throughout the renting process and your lease period so no Japanese needed, although some landlords/management companies require tenants to speak Japanese to avoid any miscommunication.

  • Can I rent properties only for a few months?

    There are some rental apartments designed for a short term lease, which are usually furnished and utilities-included. The minimum lease period is a month and most of them are located within the central area Tokyo/Yokohama.


  • RENT

    S. D.

    US/family of 4/in 40s

    HouseRep was incredible at finding me the perfect home in Tokyo for my family. They started by giving me a tour of different areas describing what each area offered. What schools were available, and transport links too. The team all spoke perfect English and went out of way to help our transition. I couldn't recommend them enough. And in fact, since getting their help for my move, I've employed them helping all our foreigner hires settle in.

  • BUY

    P. K.

    India/family of 3/in 50s

    Outstanding group of people and professionals. I have had nothing less than responsible, accountable and delightful experience. Very very highly recommended.

  • RENT

    A. S.

    China/family of 3/in 30s

    HouseRep Tokyo provides a warm, caring and professional approach to what can be a daunting process in Tokyo. It is rare to find someone who is so efficient whilst maintaining a very personal and friendly approach. They ensured our facility was completely perfect for our needs even down to the smallest details and was patient with our back and forth questions. The after-care from HouseRep Tokyo Inc has been responsive and all issues are addressed in a timely manner. Highly recommend their services for both families and businesses.

  • BUY

    N. C.

    UK/family of 2/in 40s

  • RENT

    E. T.

    France/family of 1/in 20s

    They are the friendliest bilingual housing agent. Highly recommended.