& SHORT-TERM Rental Apartments
in Central Tokyo
Low Initial Cost
All Utilities Included
Credit Card Payment
Online Contract Procedure


Lease Period: Over 1 month ~
Layout Type: Studio・1BR・2BR・3BR

Enjoy Living in Central Tokyo Areas

Benefits of Short-Term Furnished Rental Housing

In Japan, most rental housing typically entails signing a standard 2-year lease agreement. The process involves various fees such as security deposits, key money, and generator service fees, which can vary by property. Key money usually ranges from 1~2 months' rent, while security deposits range from 1~3 months' rent. Additionally, traditional rental properties in Japan often come unfurnished, necessitating tenants to furnish the space themselves and manage separate utility bills for electricity, water, gas, and internet usage. The disposal of old furniture and appliances when moving out can also present a financial burden due to regulatory requirements, making traditional renting more suitable for individuals with existing furnishings or long-term residency plans. On the other hand, Hmlet offers flexible term furnished rental options, ranging from short-term (1~6 months) to medium- to long-term (minimum 6 months or more). Hmlet simplifies the rental process, providing fully equipped rental apartments complete with amenities such as AC, beds, washing machines, refrigerators, and home appliances. Moreover, with no key money, utility costs and Internet fees are included in the rent as well, significantly reducing the initial moving expenses. This hassle-free approach appeals to those seeking diverse lifestyles or expecting changes in the future, making renting furniture instead of purchasing a practical and convenient choice. Welcome to Hmlet – a groundbreaking new approach to furnished rental housing.

"Hmlet" Sample Interior

Hmlet Premium Azabudai*as sample image only

Hmlet Gakugei-Daigaku*as sample image only

Advantages of
"Hmlet" Series

Why You Should Choose "Hmelt"

Furnished・Utilities Included

One of the key missions at Hmlet is to simplify your life, starting from the moment you step into one of Hmlet apartments. This is why every Hmlet apartment comes fully furnished and equipped with all your essential utilities. Imagine walking through the door of your new home and everything is already in place – from cozy beds and stylish furniture to kitchen essentials and high-speed Wi-Fi. With electricity, gas, water, and internet services already arranged, there is no need to fret over setting up accounts or paying bills. Just unpack your bags and start living. Hmlet aims to ensure your transition is seamless, allowing you to focus on settling into your new environment and enjoying your time.

Flexible Lease Period

Hmlet offers flexible lease options to suit your needs. For stays of less than 6 months, Hmlet All Inclusive Plan provides fully furnished rooms with everything you need, including furniture, appliances, and even little things like slippers and bathroom amenities. It is perfect for those who want a hassle-free experience, like staying in a serviced apartment. If you want to stay longer, the Residence Plan is ideal for a minimum of 6 months. You get all the benefits of a regular rental apartment without having to buy furniture or appliances. It is flexible living without the hassle of paying high initial costs. At Hmlet, the process of choosing the right plan that fits your lifestyle is made easy.

Low Initial Cost

Choose from Hmlet All Inclusive Plan or Residence Plan, both designed to offer clarity and transparency in your initial expenses. With the All Inclusive Plan, you can move in swiftly without any financial burdens, as there is no key money and no security deposit required. Similarly, opting for Hmlet Residence Plan provides the same benefits with no key money, requiring only a modest 1-month deposit. Plus, with the Residence Plan, you can rest assured knowing that your security deposit will be promptly refunded within 1.5 months after moving out, and any cleaning or restoration costs will be transparently deducted from the deposit. If charges exceed the deposit, members will be billed accordingly.

Easy Screening・No Guarantor

Finding your perfect home is made easy with the streamlined screening process at Hmlet. Unlike those often complicated and lengthy procedures typical of rental housing in Japan, Hmlet's tenant screening process is refreshingly straightforward. Simply submit your passport, proof of income (not required for rentals of 2 months or less), and credit card for screening – no guarantor necessary. We understand that your time is valuable, which is why Hmlet aims to provide you with the screening results promptly, usually within just 3 business days after you submit your application form. With Hmlet, enjoy a hassle-free experience from start to finish, allowing you to move in with ease and peace of mind.

Online Contract Procedure

Experience the convenience of Hmlet's 100% online contract procedure, a departure from the norm in regular rental housing in Japan. With Hmlet, every stage, from exploring available rooms to submitting applications and signing contracts, can be effortlessly managed online. This grants you the flexibility to oversee the entire process at your convenience, whether you are at home or abroad. Whether you are currently residing overseas or planning a move to Japan, you can finalize the contract before your arrival, ensuring a seamless transition into your new home right from day one. Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional paperwork and hello to the freedom of 100% online convenience with Hmlet.

Credit Card Payment

Just arrived in Japan and have not yet opened a bank account? Finding the process of paying rent via bank transfer troublesome? No need to worry anymore! With Hmlet, you can directly settle your bills using your credit card as the due date approaches, eliminating the need to rush into setting up a bank account. Whether you are a newcomer or a long-time resident, Hmlet's flexible payment options ensure a smooth experience. Enjoy peace of mind and financial flexibility with Hmlet's convenient payment methods. Hmlet accepts a wide range of credit cards, including VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS, and DISCOVER. Plus, for those who prefer traditional methods, regular bank transfers are also available.

Foreigner-Friendly Community

At Hmlet, being a foreigner-friendly community is a point of pride, with over half of the residents from diverse international backgrounds. Living at Hmlet not only provides you with a comfortable home but also opens up channels to expand your network and enrich your lifestyle and career. Hmlet organizes various events tailored to these goals, including career events for language learning and professional growth, as well as cultural events where you can explore new cuisines, art, and sports, allowing you to delve into new traditions. What sets Hmlet apart is the opportunity to connect with people from various cultural and industry backgrounds, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community at Hmlet.

English Support on App

Hmlet ensures you are fully supported with 24/7 English assistance through the resident-only app. With just one click, you can easily request room cleaning services (separate contracts needed), and access the 24-hour emergency call center for your comfort and security at all times. Additionally, other convenient services such as furniture rental, food delivery, and bike sharing are all accessible through the Hmlet app. What is more? The Hmlet app offers career-focused amenities like coworking spaces and language schools within the app, further enhancing your experiences and opportunities for personal and professional development, ensuring your convenience in every aspect of your life with Hmlet.

Property Outline

Monthly Rent All Inclusive Plan: approx. JPY200K-700K
Residence Plan: approx. JPY150K-550K
Deposit All Inclusive Plan: None
Residence Plan: 1 month
Key Money None*not required with Hmlet series only.
Lease Type and Period All Inclusive Plan: 1~6 month
Residence Plan: 6~24 month
Layout Studio・1BR・2BR・3BR
Location Over 50 buildings in central Tokyo
Structure Reinforced Concrete
Building/Unit Facilities Building Facilities: Auto lock, Delivery box, Elevator, etc.
Unit Facilities: Fully furnished
AC, Refrigerator, Washer/Dryer, Vacuum cleaner, Ironing board, Linen, kitchenware, Dining table/chair, Sofa, Internet access (with Wi-Fi router), etc.
*facilities may vary depending on the properties.