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Yokohama is the capital of Kanagawa Prefecture about half an hour south of Tokyo by train. This Japan's second largest city was one of the few ports to be opened to international trade back in 1859 when Japan was still in national isolation, which resulted in many foreigners settling in the area, and in Yokohama growing from a small town into a diverse major city in Japan with a cosmopolitan air.

Yamate, also known as “The Bluff” due to its location, is a quiet residential area in which you are bound to be exposed to the western oriented vibe. This neighbourhood was originally where western foreigners built their houses and warehouses, and settled back in the 1850’s when Japan was reopened to the would. Not many of the western residences survived but some buildings including international schools and churches still remain until today, and the area stays popular amongst western expats.


- Yamate station on “JR Negishi” line

It wasn't just westerners who settled in the area back in the day, but Japan reopening also attracted many Chinese people and they built a massive community, which is now known as Chinatown. Motomachi district is home to the Chinatown whose shopping streets offer hundreds of food establishments and stalls, and it became one of the most popular holiday destinations in Japan. There are also residential neighbourhoods as well located away from the commercial area around the station.


- Motomachi-chukagai station “Yokohama Minatomirai” line

- Ishikawacho on “JR Negishi” line

Minato Mirai is a recreational harborside neighbourhood with many landmark buildings and facilities.

The massive "Yokohama Landmark Tower" boasts the Yokohama Royal Park Hotel with its public observation deck, "Skygarden", on the 69th floor to enjoy the great harbor views possibly Mount Fuji view on a sunny day.

Vantage point to enjoy the views is not limited to the Skygarden. There is a Ferris Wheel in Cosmo World Amusement Park, and also Kishamichi Promenade is nice to have a walk especially at dusk when the sky turns pure gold.

Another spot to have a scenic walk is Yamashita Park, a public park that is about 750 meters long, 100 meters wide along the waterfront. Near the park, you will find the retired ship that now serves as a museum, "Hikawa Maru", and the Yokohama Marine Tower which also has an observatory with a 360° view.

If you wish to experience the closer look at the beautiful skyline of Yokohama, the best way is to take a cruise from the wharf in front of Yamashita Park. Day cruises and night cruises are both worth a try to make the most out of Yokohama.

As Japan's second largest city, Yokohama holds lots of both annual and occasional events throughout the year. One of which is the Kanagawa Shimbun Fireworks Festival held in August every year. It is one of the largest fireworks displays in Japan, where you can enjoy street foods in the Japanese traditional clothes "Kimono" whilst seeing massive fireworks.


- Minatomirai station on “Yokohama Minatomirai” Line

- Sakuragicho Station “JR Negishi” Line & “Yokohama Metro Blue” Line

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