Shirokane is a rich and green-filled district located in the southwestern part of Minato ward with numerous parks. Known to be the oasis garden of the central Tokyo, and it does live up to its reputation.

There are two main neighbourhoods referred to as Shirokane area, "Shirokanedai" and "Shirokane-Takanawa".

Shirokanedai is an area rich in history in Minato ward just east of JR Meguro Station. The main namesake shopping street, "Platinum Street (Shirokane means Platinum)", is beautifully tree-lined with tiny cute cafes.

Another worthwhile attraction is the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum built in 1933. It still retains the historic look of its architecture, which lets you go back in time to different age. The museum offers a stunning cafe with wonderful views of the garden.

Shirokane-Takanawa is the area around Shirokane-Takanawa Station but there is actually no such address. It was just coined from the fact that the Station is halfway between “Shirokane” and “Takanawa” area. It is essentially an upmarket residential area with many spacious houses and condominiums for expat families.


- Shirokanedai station on “Namboku” line, “Mita” line

- Shirokane Takanawa station on “Namboku” line, “Mita” line

- Meguro station on "JR" line, “Meguro” line, “Mita” line, “Namboku” line

- Hiroo station on “Hibiya” line


Meguro is a busy, but far more livable area than other nearby central parts of Tokyo due to the commercial block to residential block ratio where it's only around the Meguro Station that's a hectic business hub, and the rest is a predominantly residential area. A perfect place to live for those who want a convenient location near to cool and trendy spots to go out, with a quieter and calmer living environment.

About 10 minute walk from the station, there are many luxury condominium buildings and single-family houses aimed at high-end residents. Meguro is also situated on firm ground meaning that the area is slightly more capable of withstanding earthquakes than other areas.

The area covers various dining options as well around the station, and also in the large shopping complex standing above the station.


Meguro station on “JR” line, “Meguro” line, “Namboku” line, “Mita” line


Shinagawa is known as an important transit point of Tokyo for business people, retaining its historic role where Shinagawa served as the first post station back in 17th and 18th century in Edo era.

And its convenience as a transit point has led the concentration of many hotel accommodations, offeces, restaurants, and made Shinagawa Station one of the busiest stations in Tokyo.

Each side of Shinagawa Station has a fairly different flavour: the eastern Konan exit, and the western Takanawa exit.

The Konan side has had many redevelopment projects over the past 20 years, and gained its face of the centre of Tokyo business with heaps of skyscrapers that comprise many corporate headquarters, and luxurious high-rise apartments.

The Takanawa side on the other hand is an elegant district, being home to several embassies. It is quite hilly, and at the start of the hill you will find hotel towers and leisure facilities like a cinema and an aquarium.


- Shinagawa station on “JR Tokaido” line, “JR Yamanote” line, “JR Keihin Tohoku” line, “JR Yokosuka” line, “JR Shinkansen” line & “Keikyu” line

- Sengakuji station on “Toei Asakusa” line

- Tokyo Gateway station on “JR” line

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