2022 08/15

Hot and Humid? What is the weather like in Tokyo?

One of the most attractive cities to visit in the world, is Tokyo. 

Have you ever visited Tokyo before? Would you like to visit?

You might think anytime is a good time to visit since Tokyo is a well-known city and has a lot of never-boring fun activities year-round. 

But. you have to know what the weather in Tokyo is like before booking your flight. 

Today. We are going to share with you the weather in Tokyo.

Winter: January and February

Winter in Tokyo is a bit cold but comfortable. The average temperature is around 5.4 degrees C (41.7°F) in January and 6.1 degrees C (42.9°F) in February. 

The highest temperature in January is 9.8 degrees C (49.6°F) and 10.9 degrees C (51.6°F)  in February. The lowest temperature in January is 1.2 degrees C (34.1°F)and 2.1 degrees C (35.7°F) in February. 

It rarely gets very cold. also, the weather is usually clear. so you probably would be able to see the iconic cone of the Mountain of Fuji from the city center of Tokyo in this wintertime. 

・Does Tokyo snow?

Snow in Tokyo is quite rare. 

Only 2.8 days in January snowed and 3.5 days in February snowed. You will be lucky to see that.

By the way. have you ever heard of ‘’Onsen’’? It is hot springs referred to as naturally heated pools of geothermal water used for public bathing that Japanese people are fascinated with. 

There is no better way than to bathe Onsen in winter that warms and chills your body to the level of heaven. 

Spring: March, April, and May

Spring is really pleasant and often referred to as one of the most interesting times to visit and feel Japan. that is for example cherry blossom as you may know.

The unforgettable beauty of cherry blossom(Sakura) will be kept in your brain for so long and the fun time to chat with your friends or family or loved ones viewing Sakura tress is relaxation.

The temperature in March is on average 9.4 degrees C (48.9°F), the highest is 14.2 degrees C (57.5°F) and the lowest is 5.0 degrees C (41°F), therefore it is quite comfortable to spend time. 

April is a bit warmer. The average temperature is 14.3 degrees C (57.7°F), the highest at 19.4 degrees C (66.9°F), and the lowest at 9.8 degrees C (49.6°F). 

The season of Sakura will usually be there for you this month or a bit later depending on the year.   Please make sure the estimated blooming time of the year beforehand.

Also, it is the new start time for Japanese people such as entry into school. the upgrade of the school. the entry into a company and so on. 

The warmly welcomed season will surely take you the way you would like to go. 

In May, the temperature is 18.8 degrees C (65.8°F) on average, the highest at 23.6 degrees C (74.4°F) and the lowest at 14.6 degrees C (58.2°F). 

Summer: June, July, August, and September

Summer in Tokyo is considered as difficult to live because of its heat and humidity.

The average temperature in June is averagely 21.9 degrees C (71.4°F), the highest 26.1 degrees C (78.9°F), and the lowest 18.5 degrees C (65.3°F). Not so bad yet.

July and August might concern you. The average temperature in July is 25.7 degrees C (78.2°F), the highest 29.9 degrees C (85.8°F), and the lowest 22.4 degrees C (72.3°F) with around 75 percent of humidity. 

August is 26.9 degrees C (80.4°F), the highest 31.3 degrees C (88.3°F), and the lowest 23.5 degrees C (74.3°F) with 76 percent of humidity as well.

However, it is a good time for outdoor activities such as surfing, swimming, etc. 

The average temperature in September can be better. It is 23.3 degrees C (73.9°F), the highest 27.5 degrees C (81.5°F) and the lowest 20.3 degrees C (68.5°F) WITHOUT lots of humidity. 

It feels much more comfortable. 

・What is the rainy season?

Japan has the rainy season other than Hokkaido. 

This is literally the time of tons of rain from June to July you maybe encounter rainy days a lot. 

It is gloomy and depressing but what is waiting for you after is summer! 

Fall and Winter: October, November, and December

Fall in Tokyo is stunning. You might have heard of colored leaves. 

The trees and the leaves turned red in this season which is one of the most memorable times. 

The average temperature in October is still warm at 18 degrees C (64.4°F), 22 degrees C (71.6°F) at the highest, and 14.8 degrees C (58.6°F) at the lowest in addition to the lower humidity. 

November is a bit chilly at 12.5 degrees C (54.5°F) on average, 16.7 degrees C (62°F) at the highest, and 8.8 degrees C (47.8°F) at the lowest. The humidity also gets lower to about 64 percent. 

In December. Cold comes but the fun days of Christmas await ahead of that. The temperature is on average 7.7 degrees C (45.8°F), 12 degrees C (53.6°F) at the highest, and 3.8 degrees C (38.8°F) at the lowest. 

It gets pretty cold and snows rarely. The romantic Christmas with snow might be given up to you when you are here in Tokyo. 

How much different are the weather in Tokyo and the rest of Japan?

Japan is not a super big country but there are various weather conditions depending on where you live. 

For instance, the major cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya probably don’t have so huge differences in weather conditions but if you go up north to Hokkaido,  it will be completely a different story. 

Cold and snowy in winter, dry and comfortably hot in summer. 

Whereas. down south Okinawa surprises you. It has tropical summer and pleasant winter with the high temperature. 

What is the best season to visit Japan?

Well, this really depends on what the purpose of visiting Japan is as well as what you would like. 

Winter would be a perfect time for you to enjoy winter sports or new years Eve. 

Overall, the warm weather will cheer people up to try something new and experience it, so we are going to say that April or May would be the best season to visit and feel the culture of Japan. 

The bright atmosphere from Sakura and the new life that starts in April will make your time special.