2022 07/15

Access Guide - How to get to Tokyo from Narita and Haneda airports

Once you have landed in Japan after a long flight, you will need to get to Tokyo.

But do you know how to get there from either Narita or Haneda airports?

There are a number of ways you can choose, some are quick and some are reasonable.

We are going to explain everything regarding getting from Narita or Haneda airports in this article for you!

Access - Narita airport to Tokyo

Narita airport, formally called Narita International Airport, is located in Chiba prefecture which is next to Tokyo and welcomes people from all over the world. Therefore, access from Narita airport to Tokyo is not difficult at all.

Let us explain the various options.


You can take the Keisei Line trains or JR Narita Express from both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

There are some options.

1. Keisei Skyliner

Official website of Keisei Electric Railway:


Once you get to arrivals after you have completed everything, please go down to B1F Rail Station and you will find the Keisei Line counter easily, from where you can take the Keisei line.

The Skyliner is a high speed limited express service operated by Keisei Electric Railway. The Skyliner runs from Narita airport to Keisei Ueno station and takes only 36 minutes.

The benefit is not only its speed, but also it is designed for passengers who have big suitcases, so there are large storage spaces and all of the seats are comfortably spacious. By the way, did you know the design of the Skyliner has done by a world-famous fashion designer, Kansai Yamamoto? It is not running often, just one train every hour, but once you sit down in your seat, you can access Wi-Fi and then just relax.

Once you get to Ueno station, you can change to the subway or JR Yamanote line to get to your final destination easily.

Here is a very convenient English website for the Skyliner eTicket which you can book online and in advance – you might get a discount:


Let’s see an example ticket price.

Narita airport to Ueno for an adult is 2,470 yen (one way). But if you use an IC card, it costs 2,465 yen. So slightly cheaper than the ticket.

2. Keisei line 

The cheapest way to get to Tokyo from Narita airport is by taking one of the regular trains on the Keisei line.

One benefit is that it is definitely a more reasonable cost. The downside though is the duration, as many commuters use the train, so you need to expect the train will be busy and crowded. 

It takes about one hour and 30 minutes from the airport to Tokyo and costs about 1,340 yen.

If you have plenty of time, it might be better to consider taking this train.

3. JR Narita Express

JR Narita Express:


The Narita Express (N’EX) takes you to the major stations in Tokyo – Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, and Omiya in Saitama prefecture. It takes approximately one hour to get to Tokyo station, one hour and 20 minutes to Shinjuku station.

There are two different types of seats, standard and Green cars.

If you take the Narita Express from Narita airport to Tokyo station, it costs 3,070 yen (Green cars 4,000 yen).

It is more expensive than the Skyliner, but if you prefer more comfort and want to get to one of the stations on the Yamanote line from the airport directly, then the Narita Express might be more convenient.

You can book the ticket in three ways.

eki-net.com, Midori-no-madoguchi office, or a ticket machine

Limousine Bus

The Limousine Bus takes you to Shinjuku, Tokyo station, Ginza, Hibiya, Toranomon, Akihabara, Odaiba, Ebisu, Roppongi, Asakusa, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, and other stops.

It takes about one hour to from the airport to Shinjuku but depends on the traffic. The cost is around 3,000 yen but you don’t need to carry your heavy bags, just sit down and enjoy the view from the window until you get to Tokyo.

Limousine Bus:


Shuttle Bus

Another way to get to Tokyo is by Narita Airport Shuttle Bus. If you book online it costs just 1,000 yen to take you to Osaki station in Shinagawa after 72 minutes.

Please check the website and be advised of any suspicion due to Covid-19.

Narita Airport Shuttle Bus:


Access - Haneda airport to Tokyo

Haneda airport, which is the 4th biggest airport in the world, is actually located in Ota ward, Tokyo.

Many people prefer landing at Haneda airport because it is actually in Tokyo in order to avoid more travel getting into Tokyo, especially after a long flight.


Tokyo Monorail

Tokyo Monorail launched in 1964 – the year when Tokyo Olympics was held – to run between Haneda airport and the center of Tokyo.

There are 10 stops from Haneda Airport Terminal 2. A ticket costs just 500 yen (adults) from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsu-Cho station which is the last stop – you also might be able to get a discount ticket.

Tokyo Monorail:


Keikyu line trains

Especially the Airport Express, as it only takes 11 minutes from the airport to Shinagawa station on the Keikyu line and only costs 410 yen. You can get to many different stations from Shinagawa station so easily.

Keikyu line:


How to get to Tokyo from Narita and Haneda airports

From Narita:

・Keisei Skyliner

・JR Narita Express

・Keisei line 

・Limousine Bus

・Shuttle Bus

From Haneda:

・Tokyo Monorail

・Keikyu line

We hope this article helps you to get into Tokyo from both of the airports. Be sure to check any travel conditions relating to the ongoing Covid-19 situation in Japan.

Thank you for reading!

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