Setagaya is known as being home to upmarket residential areas with lots of charming parks perfect to have a relaxing walk. But it is also in the proximity to the central Tokyo like Shinjuku and Shibuya as well.

There are many private schools and international schools as well as plentiful of open green spaces protected by the landscape protection laws to regulate the area from being overbuilt with commercial buildings, making it a desirable area to raise your kids.

Todoroki Valley Ravine is the only ravine in greater Tokyo area, and is one of the most peaceful and therapeutic spots to escape. Especially in the summer season, loads of bamboo trees will line the river walk and that is worth a visit.

Futako-Tamagawa, in the stark contrast, is a large commercial area located by the Tama River. This area consistently ranks as one of the most desired areas to live in Tokyo due to its high livability and convenient location. There are many large department stores and modern shopping complexes whilst being not as bustling as the central areas at all, although it only takes about 15 minutes to get to Shibuya.

Not only the commercial buildings, Futako-Tamagawa also offers luxury high-rise apartments as well which have been built as the area was redeveloped.

Setagaya is overall a family-friendly area with the sophisticated modernity as well as the relaxing suburban vibe.


- Ginza station on “Hibiya” line, “Ginza” line, “Marunouchi” line

- Yurakucho station on "JR" line, “Yurakucho” line.

- Ginza 1-chome station on "Yurakucho" line

- Higashi Ginza station on “Hbiya” line, “Toei Asakusa” line


Just a 10 minute train ride from Shibuya on the Tokyu Toyoko Line, Jiyugaoka is one of the most sought after addresses in Tokyo. It's all about a quaint ambiance dotted with posh and stylish cafes, boutiques, bakeries, restaurants, florists lined along the pedestrian friendly cobbled avenues.

“Little Europe“, that's what this area is often referred to as. It might not compare real European cities, but they definitely are Europeanised in a lot of ways.

Famous photogenic spot "La Vita" is a pretty shopping complex with a small canal and real gondola.

Annual festival held in May, "Marie Claire Festival", is another feature that provides European vibe, where many stalls selling foods line the avenues, and live performers entertain pedestrians passing by.


- Jiyugaoka station on “Tokyu Toyoko” line & “Tokyu Oimachi” line


Denenchofu (Denen means something like "Pastoral Landscape") is the most well known upper-class neighbourhood with loads of large houses and mansions modeled after western architecture, bordering the northern edge of Setagaya Ward.

Despite being close to the city centre, it also manages to preserve scenic nature providing peace and serenity for the residents.

There are not any large department stores or shopping complexes which also shows how dedicated this neighbourhood is to keeping it calm and tranquil, although supermarkets and other options for daily necessities are quite sufficient such as “Den-en” , which is one of the branches of National Azabu supermarket.

Also well known for its German community due to having easy access to the German International School in Yokohama by both school bus and train.

The Tokyu Square Garden is a small local shopping centre with cafes, food stores and medical clinics. There is also a park called “Denenchofu Seseragi park” with wide open spaces for children to play.

Not really commercially developed, but this charming and affluent part of Tokyo is very popular residential neighbourhood amongst expat community.


- Denenchofu station on “Tokyu Toyoko” line, “Meguro” line

- Tamagawa station on “Tokyu Toyoko” line

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