Ichigaya lies east of Shinjuku ward, being home to some embassies such as the British, and Belgium embassy. Despite being next to Shinjuku, the buzzing district that never sleeps, Ichigaya area offers an elegant and luxury residential setting with open green spaces connecting you with nature, and dining options around the station.

There is also a canal that leads to Sumida River and a famous cherry blossom viewing spot, Sotobori Park.

Ichigaya is also known for its French community due to the fact that the French international school "Lycee francais international de Tokyo" used to be located within this area. Many families with children have moved there for easier commutes, which has led various french restaurants to open in the area. Though the school was relocated to a northern part of Tokyo, "Takinogawa, Kita-ku", in 2012, many French families still live in Ichigaya area, and therefore there are many luxury apartments designed for expats.


- Ichigaya station on “JR Chuo-Sobu” line, “Yurakucho” line, “Namboku” line & “Toei Shinjuku” line


Iidabashi is a small neighbourhood that’s best known to be a convenient transit point, where 6 train and subway lines pass by, making it suitable for people who want to be able to reach all parts of the city easily and quickly.

In addition to being very reachable from all parts of the city, this area is also very popular amongst expat families for the mix between Japanese traditional vibe and European chic feel. And for that reason, there are many high-rise rentals, low-rise condominiums, and stand-alone houses designed for people looking for luxury housing.

But It also boasts open green spaces including Sotobori Park, Kitanomaru Park, Koishikawa Park, allowing you to have nature whilst remaining in the central Tokyo.

Chidorigafuchi River and Tokyo Dome are also some of the area's attractions.


- Iidabashi station on “JR Chuo-Sobu” line, “Tozai” line, “Yurakucho” line, “Namboku” line and “Oedo” line


Kagurazaka is a quaint neighbourhood on a local scale known to be the last habitat of Geisha in Tokyo. If you're lucky, you may hear the discreet footsteps of traditional wooden sandals, and stumble across some Geisha on narrow cobbled back streets.

Stroll the backstreets, you will also find Michelin-starred ryotei restaurants, kimono shops and cosmetics shops that all retain the Edo era atmosphere.

In stark contrast to the very Japanese face of the area, Kagurazaka is also about its French vibe. There are so many French restaurants, patisseries and bakeries due to the presence of French Schools nearby (for the same reason as Ichigaya area introduced above).

Kagurazaka is mainly an upscale residential district with high-end apartments and houses. But along the sloping street, a variety of dining options can also be found.


- Kagurazaka station on "Tozai" line.

- Ushigome-Kagurazaka station on "Oedo" line

- Iidabashi station on “JR Chuo-Sobu” line, “Tozai” line, “Yurakucho” line, “Namboku” line and “Oedo” line

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