Newly-built Rental Houses "Kolet" series

"Kolet" is an evolutionary rental house series in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba. Launched by KENEDIX Inc., one of the largest global real estate companies that leads Japan's asset management industry. "Kolet" introduces a new value and lifestyle concept that is rarely found in the Japanese real estate market and is operated by Tokyu Housing Lease Corporation, one of the top major real estate companies.
In these areas, only 11.9% of the total rental market offers properties with more than 70 m², and the annual supply of new rental properties with over 71 m² is less than 5.2% of the total. This short supply made it difficult for many people to seek spacious rental properties in the Japanese market.
Moreover, conventional rental houses in Japan are often considered very old and not renovated enough. They are smaller and have typical Japanese layouts, such as tatami floors. Additionally, these houses are rented fixed-term while owners are away from home.
To address these conventional values and challenges, the "Kolet" series has been introduced, providing a new style of home for individuals, couples, and families. These homes offer greater comfort and convenience, meeting people's needs more flexibly. With features like more than 70m² of space, all hardwood floors, free car parking, a warm welcome to foreigners, and being pet friendly, "Kolet" aims to create a more inclusive and modern living environment.
"Kolet" series is rapidly expanding in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba and goes beyond just being a place to live; it holds the flexibility to adapt to your lifestyle and needs, combining the best aspects of rental apartments and detached houses.